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How to Fit Out Your Electrician Van

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How to Fit Out Your Electrician’s Van.jpgAs a sparky, getting your tools and equipment from A to B in one piece is a top priority.

That means you’ll not only need a sturdy and functional tool box or tool bag – you’ll also need a work van that’s customised to carry your precious cargo.

Decking out your van is a practical way to stay organised and keep your tools and equipment in order. You’ll always be able to find your favourite pair of pliers or that drill bit you need to get the job done. You can opt for a standard van fit out, a shelving and accessory package designed specifically for electricians, or customise your own unique set up.

So, how do you decide which is the best option for you? Here are a few important things to consider to make sure the end result is a perfect match.


van shelving 2.jpg

Above image supplied by the team from Autosafe.

Your shelving is the key part of your set up, and will ultimately determine how well your system functions. The first decision will be whether you go for welded or adjustable shelves. While adjustable shelves have the obvious benefit of long-term flexibility, your load weight will be much greater on good quality fixed shelves – plus, they won’t rattle while you’re on the road.

Shelving Accessories 

van drawers, cabinets.jpgTo make best use of the space, you can add extra features to your shelves to hold specific tools and equipment. Plastic tubs, both with a lid and without, are available in various sizes and are great for small and fiddly pieces. Cable shelving is a handy addition to any electrician’s van as is a lockable section for all your prized tools. Drawers may also be included and these add another storage solution.

Handy Extras 

accessories_in_van_racking 2.jpgIncluding carry cases is smart as you can easily grab and go without the need to pack and unpack your tool box or bag. Plus, you can also include carry case holders mounted to your van walls to make the absolute most of your space. Another good idea is a roller door cabinet, and these can often be stored under your shelves.

Roof Racks 

van-roof-ladder-rack.jpgYou’ll also need a quality roof rack to carry your larger equipment. For sparkies, an option that includes a ladder rack and a conduit carrier is a wise choice. Look for a rack that has been designed for tradesman to be sure it can handle the workload.

Finishing Touches 

van barrier 2.jpg

Above image supplied by the team from Autosafe.

Once you’ve got the storage side of things sorted, there are a couple of final touches you can add to complete your fit out. A barrier is pretty much essential to keep you and your cargo safe. By far the most popular option is a mesh barrier, but you can also get polycarbonate or metal combinations if you prefer. Your floor should also be covered and the common choices are timber, rubber or carpet. While carpet might win out in the looks department, timber or rubber are a more practical option as they are much easier to clean.

Final Word

When your van is set up right, your work days will be that much easier. But before you go ahead with any van fit out, take a good look at everything you’ll need to carry. Compare this closely to the various interior and exterior storage options, and you’re bound to find the ideal solution for you and your van.

Over to you

Have you fitted out your van with a set up that’s the envy of every electrician you meet? We’d love you to share your tips here!


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