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Aussie Electricians Vote for their Favourite Pliers

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Toolbox Australia

Toolbox-electrician-favourite-pliers.jpgAustralia's electricians have voted for their favourite electrician's pliers....

These are the results of a recent facebook poll for electricians to vote for their favourite brand of pliers.

The results of the voting is based on a total of 500 FB votes and is shown on the graph below. These were the 5 brands given as options, but people also voted for Wiha and Knipex  (4 votes each).

The results, in order, were:

  • Marvel: 214 votes
  • Channellock: 173 votes
  • Crescent: 46 votes
  • Klein: 27 votes
  • TBX:  15 votes

What's YOUR favourite brand of pliers? Have your say in the comment section below...


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